• ms100x100


    Enhanced shape selection features for many types of Visio diagrams

  • pdSelect100x100


    Enhanced shape selection features for Visio Pivot Diagrams

  • pcs-header

    Process Simulator

    Quickly and easily adds simulation capabilities and analysis to Microsoft® Visio® flowcharts, Value Stream Maps and workflow diagrams. Process Simulator installs as a plug-in to Visio, allowing you to seamlessly create and run simulation models inside Visio.

  • search_and_replace

    Search and Replace

    Locate specific shapes and replace them with another

  • visibatchclean


    Manage Visio file size by removing unused master shapes

  • windows-7-software-icon



    Exports Visio files to any format supported by Visio including PDF, jpg, gif, etc. Also exports any number of Visio files in batch mode without opening each file in Visio.

  • visicheck


    Checks your drawings for compliance with drawing standards