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    Allows explaining of delays by entering a “reason” from a list – used for reports, analysis and post mortem

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    Plan and display your projects using PERT charts (also known as Network Charts or Precedence Diagrams). PERT Chart EXPERT shows tasks and the dependencies between tasks in an easy to understand chart. PERT Chart EXPERT can be used by itself or as an add-on to Microsoft Project.

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    Project Publisher


    Collaborate with your teams by linking Microsoft Project to any Microsoft SharePoint 2007 or 2010 workspace. Using the Project Publisher is fast and simple! Build your schedule or use an existing Microsoft Office Project plan, publish to your Microsoft SharePoint Workspace and share critical tasks, milestones, schedules and project information. Its that easy!

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    Project Simulator

    Project Simulator is a plug-in to Microsoft Project that uses a proven .NET simulation technology to create comprehensive “what-if” scenarios that reflect the reality of your project.

  • QPMSchedule

    QPM Schedule Auditor


    Easy to use tool that quickly validates project schedules on 17 parameters and generates a report so you can improve quality. Save hours of effort and eliminate logic errors without painful and tedius review of every task.

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    Ready? GO!


    Ready ? GO ! is designed to target the MS-Project users to the readiness to begin a task.

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    RiskyProject allows project managers to perform project planning, scheduling, quantitative risk analysis, and performance measurement of projects with multiple risks and uncertainties.

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    Schedule Inspector

    Schedule Inspector™ is an add-in to Microsoft Project® (2007 and above). It helps improve the quality of schedules by checking for the use of scheduling features and techniques that many think should be used sparingly or not at all. Schedule Inspector is flexible. You need perform only those tests you think are appropriate, and most of these can be customized.

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    Status Marker

    Status Marker paints tasks according to their status (Complete, Late, On schedule, Future), the status is compared to current date or to the status date (if there is difference)

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    Symbols-On-Gantt® is an Add-On to Microsoft Project 2010 that enables you to emphasize key aspects of a certain project task, and will basically immediately put your attention to quickly understand which tasks are: the biggest, on the critical path, costing more than expected, slipping, with a good/bad % complete, flagged for special follow up, etc.

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