• pic03

    Auto Publish

    Auto Publish Ensures decisions are made base on up to date information by automatically publish Gantt charts to Project Server

  • 60267

    Earned Value Manager


    Enhance WBS Director’s capabilities so that you can track your actual progress against work packages and automatically create all of the standard earned value metrics. Once your tracking data is entered, the charts and reports are automatic.

  • pro2012-1

    Milestones Professional

    Milestones Professional is the fast, easy way to create schedules and reports for projects. When you manage and schedule projects you need software that is powerful, fast and easy to use. Project management and scheduling software that lets you organize your projects, create timelines, sell your ideas, streamline your work, and track results.

  • publisher

    Project Publisher


    Collaborate with your teams by linking Microsoft Project to any Microsoft SharePoint 2007 or 2010 workspace. Using the Project Publisher is fast and simple! Build your schedule or use an existing Microsoft Office Project plan, publish to your Microsoft SharePoint Workspace and share critical tasks, milestones, schedules and project information. Its that easy!

  • prs-2010-released

    Project Simulator

    Project Simulator is a plug-in to Microsoft Project that uses a proven .NET simulation technology to create comprehensive “what-if” scenarios that reflect the reality of your project.

  • QPMSchedule

    QPM Schedule Auditor


    Easy to use tool that quickly validates project schedules on 17 parameters and generates a report so you can improve quality. Save hours of effort and eliminate logic errors without painful and tedius review of every task.

  • box_software

    The Connector

    The Connector is a Microsoft Project extension plug-in that will allow connection directly from Microsoft Project to Atlassian JIRA. Create a project plan using Microsoft Project and directly import tasks from JIRA. Use JIRA for task management and quickly and easily sync between the two systems. The Connector provides direct integration with Microsoft Project creating a JIRA toolbar right in Project. From this toolbar, you have access to a variety of JIRA functionality like importing, updating resource assignments, due dates and task descriptions.

  • WBSDProductsPage

    WBS Director

    Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) using our graphical interface. Behind the scenes, we will create the basics of your schedule and keep it in synch with your WBS so you don’t have to. The WBS Dictionary interface will keep your project’s scope front and center. WBS Director makes it easy to follow industry-recognized best practices and to keep your scope in sync with your Microsoft Project schedule.