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    Baseline Extender

    Baseline Extender saves only new tasks that were added after the last time that the baseline was saved

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    Clear Cache


    Clear Cache deletes Gantt chart files from local cache memory

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    Level On

    performs re-scheduling and resource leveling while dealing with constraints of the MS-Project

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    Allows explaining of delays by entering a “reason” from a list – used for reports, analysis and post mortem

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    Ready? GO!


    Ready ? GO ! is designed to target the MS-Project users to the readiness to begin a task.

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    Status Marker

    Status Marker paints tasks according to their status (Complete, Late, On schedule, Future), the status is compared to current date or to the status date (if there is difference)

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    Symbols-On-Gantt® is an Add-On to Microsoft Project 2010 that enables you to emphasize key aspects of a certain project task, and will basically immediately put your attention to quickly understand which tasks are: the biggest, on the critical path, costing more than expected, slipping, with a good/bad % complete, flagged for special follow up, etc.

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    Task Auditing

    Shows the tasks chain that affects a specific task and help the PM to focus