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    Exclaimer Auto Responder

    You’d expect a product called Auto Responder to be a great way to set up an incoming email auto response for Microsoft Exchange 2010 & 2007 and you’d be right – but there’s a lot more to it than that. Modify email senders and recipients, change subjects, block emails, discretely blind copy emails to manager’s mailboxes and auto forward emails. There’s some cool stuff in here.

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    Exclaimer Image Analyzer

    Sending and receiving email porn threatens reputations, brands and vulnerable people. It compromises compliance, equality, diversity and CSR initiatives. The costs associated with litigation and employment issues are daunting. It could be happening in your network, but how would you know? The answer is Image Analyzer, a sophisticated tool that puts you back in control of your acceptable usage policies.

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    Exclaimer Mail Utilities

    Mail Utilities is a great way to meet your total Exchange 2003 signature, disclaiming, auto responding and email redirection needs. You can also opt for a neat little Anti-spam filter that just gets on with the job of fighting spam so your guys don’t have to.

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    Exclaimer Signature Manager

    The easy way to design and deploy Outlook Signatures across your organization without ever leaving your desk

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    Incoming Mail Organizer

    Stay under the 32k rules limit with ease with this add-in! It takes over simple rule functions, freeing up valuable space.

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    Issue Tracker for Outlook and SharePoint

    An add-in for Microsoft® Outlook® that enables support team to raise trouble tickets from Outlook emails to one or more SharePoint® lists, in a single click or, on the fly.

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    Convert OST to PST files and connect converted files to Microsoft Outlook*.

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    Outgoing Email Checker

    Outgoing Email Checker add-in lets you specify rules for verifying your messages before sending them. Avoid most common emailing mistakes and make sure you always add an attachment when necessary, use the correct account, hit Reply All when there are several initial recipients and many other. With this reminder add-in you can enable a wide variety of rules for effective and professional correspondence.

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    PDF Postman

    PDF Postman is probably the easiest and most cross-platform compatible way to send an encrypted message. PDF Postman unites Microsoft Outlook and email security with the ubiquity of the PDF document format. Use PDF Postman to send AES-128 bit encrypted messages to just about any computer, smart phone or tablet. The recipient only needs the password and a standard PDF viewer to access your message and file attachments. A great alternative to complex encryption schemes that burden the recipient.

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    Remote Out-of-Office

    Remote Out-of-Office for Exchange is a server-based application that allows users to remotely manage Out of Office settings for other users, or themselves without Outlook, or any additional applications.

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