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    SPC XL

    SPC XL is a Microsoft Excel add-in which adds powerful yet easy-to-use statistical analysis features. From within Excel you will be able to access many statistical tools including Control Charts, Cpk analysis, Histograms, Pareto Diagrams, MSA, Regression, Hypothesis Testing, and much more. Whether your needs are for Six Sigma, DFSS, ISO 9000, or general use, SPC XL is the tool for statistical analysis in Excel.

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    Spreadsheet Assistant

    The Spreadsheet Assistant® is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel® that adds over 200 time saving features and functions to Excel to make it even easier to use. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

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    Spreadsheet Auditor

    With this auditor add-in you will be able to audit any Excel model in a snap.

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    Spreadsheet Categorizing Data

    If your problem consists in categorizing or stratifying specific data of your Excel spreadsheet information, then Categorizing Data for Excel is the solution.

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    Spreadsheet Consolidator

    Spreadsheet Consolidator is an add-in software for Microsoft® Excel® which will allow you to consolidate spreadsheet data from one or several sheets from one or many open workbooks, easy and quickly.

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    Spreadsheet Consolidator Enterprise

    Consolidate a large volume of spreadsheets; Conduct Surveys; Give examinations; Carry out training processes; and more… all with a single program.

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    Spreadsheet Dashboard Tools

    With Dashboard Tools for Excel you can use Sparklines, Heatmaps, Mini Charts, Bump charts and other special charts, getting dramatically improved data visualization for fast and effective parallel comparisons.

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    Spreadsheet Exchange Rates

    Automatically update the currency exchange rates into Microsoft® Excel®

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    Spreadsheet Financial Advisor

    74 useful and powerful financial calculators, directly to your Excel spreadsheet. One of them will suit your needs.

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    Spreadsheet Goal Seeker

    Spreadsheet Goal Seeker will automatically, allow you getting goal seek solutions in a cell (or entire range) changing a specific value in a cell (or range).

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